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QDRO Services For Divorce Law Firms In Chicago, Throughout Illinois And Across The United States

If you are a solo attorney or a law firm that focuses on domestic law, you know that working up a valid qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) that will meet the court’s requirement is not only risky from a malpractice standpoint, but also complicated and time-consuming. To make sure it is acceptable to the court, reviewing and drafting a QDRO document requires more than just filling in the blanks on a model QDRO. Every QDRO document must be tailored to meet the specific needs of your client according to age, current income level, future income potential, health condition and other factors that influence how to best prepare a QDRO.

Wise Divorce Attorneys Avoid Malpractice Liability

  • Respectable divorce attorneys realize that preparing a QDRO is 98% retirement plan law, not family law. They also realize that being in charge of drafting a QDRO for their own clients or reviewing a QDRO prepared by opposing counsel exposes them to an increased malpractice liability risk because they  are stepping into an unknown (to them) area of the law.
  • Smart divorce attorneys outsource the preparation and review of QDROs to individuals who might be experienced in the field (even if those individuals cannot assume any of the liability due to the lack of bonding or malpractice insurance). However…
  • Wise divorce attorneys outsource QDRO matters to a QDRO attorney who can lessen their malpractice risks far better than other QDRO “professionals” who lack credentials and bonding or malpractice insurance.

Experience With The Complexities Of Pensions And Qualified Accounts

I’m a QDRO attorney with 10 years of legal experience working with pension plans and qualified retirement accounts, I offer a unique range of consulting services for lawyers and law firms. Understanding the underlying financial issues of a qualified retirement account requires in-depth knowledge of pensions and accounts as well as the plan administration policies for various types of plans. My services include reviewing your client’s plan, customizing a document specific to your law firm’s needs and making sure the details are handled correctly.

My experience with drafting and reviewing QDROs includes:

  • Pension plans
  • Account based retirement funds
  • Government pension plans
  • Military retirement plans
  • Qualified medical child support orders (QMCSO)

The QDRO Law Center consulting services include:

Services for individuals.

  • You may refer your own clients to hire the QDRO Law Center, P.C. directly for all QDRO related matters.

Services for law firms.

  • Divorce lawyers and law firms can avoid increasing malpractice liability by outsourcing QDRO related matters to a QDRO attorney instead of taking the liability of QDROs prepared by self-proclaimed “QDRO specialists” or “QDRO professionals” who are not attorneys and consequently do not release the divorce attorney of liability.

Services for pension plan administrators.

  • If you are the plan administrator of a union pension plan, a defined benefit or defined contribution plan, or any other retirement plan subject to QDRO rules, I am confident you will be satisfied by the knowledgeable advice and cost-efficient QDRO processing services that the QDRO Law Center provides. Plan administrators paying attorneys on an hourly basis end up paying for the mistakes of mediocre QDRO preparers.

Reasonable Fees · Serving Lawyers And Divorce Law Firms Throughout Illinois And The US

I offer many of my customized services on a reasonable flat-fee basis. I work efficiently to complete the document to meet your needs and deadlines. You will find me friendly, easy to work with and ready to help in every way I can.